self drive motor boats

These are rented on an hour or half an hour basis as they are only allowed on the river Stour, with exit to the harbour and sea strictly forbidden.

Instruction and guidance on your route will be given at the time of hire.

Each boat takes up to 6 passengers and these smaller boats give access to some areas which the ferries do not see.

35.00 for an hour

£25.00 for half an hour

We do not take bookings for this facility, self drive motor boats are currently being hired on a first come first-served basis. We advise to call us on the day especially weekends to check availability.

wick ferry

Wick Ferry runs across the River Stour between Wick village and Christchurch.

Some historians believe that the first ferry rights were granted before the Christchurch Priory was built, which would make the service nearly 1000 years old, but nobody disputes that the service is 200-250 years old.

The Ferry runs every day (weather and tide permitting) from Easter until the end of October, from 10am until 5pm.

If the flag is flying, the ferry is running.


self drive fishing boats

Self-drive fishing boat hire, Grab your Rod and tackle and head down to Christchurch for a great day of fishing.

Christchurch Harbour and The River Stour offer some of the best fishing in the country especially when it comes down to fishing for Mullet.

The boats are licensed to fish between Tuckton Bridge and the bottom of Christchurch Harbour.

bookings to be made in advance

Anglers are responsible for their own Environment agency rod license’s and to fish responsibly.

Go and fish where you want, Find your own secret spot and hopefully catch some whoppers.

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